Monday, February 1, 2016

[poetry] Your loyal mashed potato plumber sidekick

« La reconnaissance est la mémoire du cœur. » -Jean Massieu
("Gratitude is the memory of the heart")

i see You:
in the recesses of Your mind:
dust in the corner; forgotten.
but someone is there –
Your eyes illuminate Your mental residence.
look! i can see into Your home – how beautiful and cozy!
they extend Your sincerest invitation for company
when Your words cannot,
and i am delighted to accept 
and stay for tea.

Your wife, how she raves about You:
a Husband to one, Father to two, and Friend to all,
a Peacenik, Educator, Lover, and Dreamer...
Your dog misses You, she told me to say,
as he is always curled up on Your side of the bed.

a foreign language You speak;
i am told it is untranslatable –
“neological, slurred, and broken,” they say.
but they ignore Your smile – a universal code
which expresses Your childlike excitement
as You exclaim Your greatest revelation:
“two thimbles might fix the pipe leak
inside the cloudy mashed potatoes!”
let’s find the sewing kit, Sir,
and rejoice in today’s adventure.

time summons my presence. but such a pleasure to meet You!
and may i happily meet You again
for the first time tomorrow, as
i will inevitably disappear
among the lost firings of
neurons when You rest
Your head tonight.
sleep well,
my Dear

maybe one day i will be remembered
as Your loyal mashed potato plumber sidekick…
but so long as Your home shines bright
and the company tea simmers quietly on the stove top
even when Your light dims
i vow to care for You, always.

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