Wednesday, May 13, 2015

[Poetry] the dark is better than the dim

i am quite simple
no revolutionary mind
nor revered engoldened tongue
an oft forgotten member of the Crowd
among awe-inspiring greatness of Others
and now stranded in this suffocating cave-in

with one desire to find freedom and give it
i followed the path set before my heart
now my crippling air hunger worsens
with successive breaths of agony
the Rocks press into my chest
Failure's imminence

lost in this tunnel
blacker than the others
through with i have traveled
i force shut my eyes to remove
the sparse Rays of Light which create
bleak chaos in Their cruel incompleteness

i realize the dark is better than the dim
for only then I feel Gravity's constant
which turns my scared gaze upward
so i can see clearly my Path
with the radiant light
found in the Above

Sunday, May 3, 2015

[Poetry] Sunset

Dedicated to C - I hope I made you comfortable. Thank you for your company and invaluable gift.
a nightingale knows best.
her call comes forth
as the daylight dwindles,
and, listen…i hear her now.
i follow her tune
guiding me to you
she chirps warmly for you
you are her favorite, she twitters,
just, lately, a little more quiet.

the rests in her score
carry a purposeful fermata.
the unsung is more telling
than her notes themselves.

as i gaze upon you,
you look straight through me.
gloves and gown further separate
our connection.
i see an experienced face
sunken in from your fight.
your prominent cheekbones
underline heavy yellowed eyes
which never seem to blink.
how i ask and beg you
to close them amid your gasps
neither i nor the nightingale can quell.
only time, that precious constant,
will resolve them.

still i talk to you
although uncertain what to say.
knowing you could not turn your head,
through held-back tears
i describe the sunset
the vivid pink and flaming orange
against a baby blue sky speckled with clouds
as the sun descends.

the beauty of nature’s colorful masterpiece
is reflected in your presence - an ember’s glow
which now fades into silence.

i hope you leave knowing you were loved
by the world around you
and that your sunset illuminates 
my horizon.